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About Joseph Pilates

The Pilates method was first developed by German -born Joseph Pilates in the 1920 by combining mind and body work through a controlled sequence movements. Joseph Pilates developed these movements based on his own experiences with yoga, Zen meditation, martial arts and other fitness techniques. Most people, regardless of age and physical activity level, can benefit from Pilates exercises program. Pilates movements also reduce stress and tension, increase energy, improve circulation and range of motion, and strengthen the spine improving flexibility, which promotes back health and recovery from injury.

Why is Pilates beneficial : Firstly, Pilates strengthens the core of the body. I works the muscles in the back, tummy and rear. This core affects your entire body. You will feel more stable when standing, walking and sitting. You will also have a better posture and your core muscle are strengthened.

Pilates and the mind
Pilates increase your mind body connection in order to successfully perform a Pilates exercise program, you must have your mind engaged in the activity . You must concentrate on breathing, which is an important part of Pilates, some moves require inhaling, while others require exhaling. Proper breathing requires a mental focus that many others exercises programs do not require.

Pilates is widely used for the rehabilitation of a variety of conditions including back pain, postural problems, shoulder and neck tension/ injuries, scoliosis, knee problem, tension headaches and repetitive strain injury and pre and postnatal.

My Qualifications:
Chair 1 Basic to intermediate teaching training - Body Control Pilates 2016
Cadillac 1 Basic to intermediate teaching training - Body Control Pilates 2016

First Aid CPR at Body ControlPilates - 2015
Reformer teaching training - Body Control Pilates 2015 (in progress)
Conversion Mat Pilates teaching training level 3 - Body Control Pilates 2014
Post and Pre Natal Stoot Pilates - 2013
Small equipments workshop City Lit College - 2013
Postural assessment YMCA - 2012
Mat Pilates teaching training at City Lit College CQY level 3 - 2011

Development weekend - September 2016  Body control Pilates 7 hours
presented by Conhita Del Campo,Elisabeth Larkam, Suzanne Scott and James Earls